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Welcome to Island Sips

We are here to provide what is needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has personal goals related to physical and mental fitness, but not all have the resources they need to make the necessary changes. It is our mission to bridge that gap and help others along their path to wellness. Island Sips is a place where you can receive the best juice cleanse in Fort Lauderdale as well as indulge in the power behind a plant-based diet.

Our Menu

It is our priority to serve high-quality food made from natural ingredients. Every recipe has been crafted to support a healthy lifestyle while remaining full in flavor and color. Mix and match our ingredients to build your own smoothie or enjoy one of our original recipes, you can't go wrong!

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Cleanse Program

Our juice cleanse and detox programs give your body the opportunity to reboot by harnessing energy that is usually used for digestion. Refueling with juice triggers a physical reaction that actually supports natural detoxification processes, allowing your body to renew itself! We offer 3 stages of juice cleanse to ease beginners into the experience and support those familiar with fasting who are ready to dive deeper.

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